Apocalypse To-Do List

Clean the house. Why bother? The germs have clearly already won.

Complete your daily tasks by lunchtime then walk in laps around your living room trying to figure out how to fill the afternoon. (Stress pacing is great cardio, I hear!)

Stare into the abyss for no less than one hour each day. (Doctors do recommend, however, that you limit abyss staring to no more than three hours maximum. Strive for balance, folks.)

Making a list of fun and/or productive activities you could accomplish. Take a nap.

Wait in line to buy toilet paper. Practice responsible social distancing in line even though the toilet paper mere inches from your face is covered in germs.

Cook a nutritious meal. Ravage your pantry like a hoard of crazed raccoons and curse the fact that you made healthy choices at the store and didn’t stock up on either Pop Tarts or Cheez Its. What were you thinking?

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Hope you laughed a bit today! Hang in there, everyone!

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